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Bat Removal in Charleston, South Carolina

We are a full bat removal service in Charleston, SC. When dealing with bats in the attic, bat found in your house, Bat colony removal, Dead bat removal.

As dedicated professional bat removal agents licensed by the Division of Natural Resources we only use humane One Way Doors for excluding bat and bat colonies from homes and business'. 

Raccoon Removal in Charleston, SC

If you have a raccoon removal issue, then we are the company to help you out! We can trap the raccoon and remove the pest raccoon from your home.

Raccoon in the attic always starts as noises in the attic or scratching noises in the chimney.

In either case we are trained in raccoon removal and in humane raccoon trapping practices.

Squirrels in the attic?

The Wildlife Professionals of South Carolina can help with squirrels in the attic and all associated squirrel removal issues. 

We can use humane traps to trap the squirrel or squirrels in the attic.

We are trained in squirrel removal and squirrel removal processes and are highly trained in squirrel removal in Charleston SC.

Rodent removal VS Pest Control

First; We do not use poisons of any kind!

When dealing with rodents such as mice and rats in your home it is best to use humane traps and some time kill traps to prevent the animals from being poisoned and die in the your wall, attic or under the house such as a crawlspace. A dead rat can cause a tremendous smell in the house or business.

With Rodents as any other wildlife, Exclusion or preventive repair to prevent future entry to a structure is the best bet. 

Snake Removal In Charleston, SC

Snake Removal in Charleston, SC is paramount as far as keeping these amazing animals safe and excluded from your house.

Let me explain ! 

Snakes in your home or business are just a red flag for a larger issue. Usually this is a rodent removal related issue.

Snakes are only ever found in a domestic household or business simply because there is a rodent issue that needs to be taken care of. Pest Control companies only use poison to handle rodents! 

We Love Snakes! Hate rodents! SO we fix the problem where it started. We get rid of rodents, Then We get rid of the snakes, and you are happy and have reassurance that you are snake free!

We trap all things Wildlife!

Although we are not a trapping company such as your local trapper, We do provide trapping services for nuisance wildlife in Charleston SC.

We can trap raccoons in the yard, raccoons on the deck, raccoon in the trash, snakes in the garage, squirrels in the chimney, bats in the chimney, Trap a snake, Bird Control, Rat Trap, Rodent removal, FLying squirrel removal, beaver trapping, coyote trapping, fox trapping and all thing wildlife.