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Snake Removal in Charleston, SC


Removing snakes in Charleston, SC

 Charleston, SC Snakes are in every state of our country. you will at one time or more in your life run across them, whether in your garden, garage or even in your home.

The top three pictures to the side were sent to me by a client that took these in Texas at an oil well site, I thought it a very compelling advocacy of the common Rat snake and their benefits.

Charleston, SC Eastern and Western Rat snakes are one of my favorite snakes just because they are so fascinating. For one thing they don't need the sun to metabolize their foods. this means that they don't have to be out in the sun to digest their meals. they hang out in crawl spaces and even attics for months at a time where other snakes would need to come and go.

So its no wonder that I am called on most of my reptile calls to remove them.

Although typically a very dark almost black top with pasterns blended in the scales and usually have a light underbelly, in youth their patterns are more present and are most often confused with Copperhead.

Very territorial, they will kill , even consume any snake that would happen into there areas. As fierce hunters they can set up ambush in almost any place. they have great eye to boot. this is way it is very beneficial to allow their presence if at all possible.. "better a black snake than a poisonous snake farmers used to say" , it is actually true.

Although I love these amazing creatures, they have no place in our homes.This is why The wildlife Professionals  of Charleston, SC are here! we are great at removing and even excluding them form your house to avoid future occurrences. We have treatments as well that we can use to ensure a safe yards and play areas as well.

Charleston, SC Copperhead Snakes or Agkistrodon Contortrix
 Theses snakes can vary in color from grey to Brown Cross bands to light brown variations.
When Copperhead snakes are born (alive, and not from eggs) they look like adults except for the yellowish or greenish tail coloration.

Charleston , SC Copperhead Habitat:  Most copperhead snakes prefer open Rocky Woodland , Rock Edges, and open grassland near woodland outcrops. Copperheads blend in tremendously with most leaf litter.

In the Summer(Hot) Months Copperheads become nocturnal.
In Spring and Fall they are often found on Wooded Hilltop Rock Outcrops with a southern exposure.
Mother Copperhead snakes typically give birth from August to October depending the area or state they live in, and they give live birth and not from eggs.
Food consists of insects, frogs, toads, lizards,small birds, other snake and they love rodents.


  • If you are bitten by a snake:    Was the snake venomous? If you know you have been bitten by a harmless snake, it will save you much stress and eliminate the need for treatment. Many people are bitten by harmless snakes each year and experience nothing but small scratches that readily heal. If you are certain a venomous snake was involved, get to the nearest hospital or medical facility as quickly as possible. If possible, notify them ahead of time via telephone of your situation. This gives the physician time to prepare and call the nearest poison information center for advice.
    The Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center in Tucson (800-222-1222) maintains a list of which types of antivenins (sometimes called antivenoms) are available and can advise a physician where to call in the event of a bite from a venomous snake.

Regional Poison Information Centers are also important sources of information. 

Mid-America Poison Control Center
University of Kansas Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Blvd., Room B-400
Kansas City, KS 66160-7231
Emergency Phone: (800) 332-6633 (KS only);
(913) 588-6633
TDD/TTY: (913) 588-6639 (TDD)

Dead Snake Removal in Charleston, SC

Sometimes snakes will die in our crawlspace . Even when a dead snake is found  it best to find someone to pick it up and remove it. safe snake removal is perfectly fine by expert snake handlers/

I saw a snake!

I have a snake in my house, I saw a snake in the garage, I saw a snake  on the porch, I saw a snake in the bathroom, I saw a snkae in the kitchen, I saw a snake hanging from the attic space opening, There was a snake in my yard, there was a snake on my deck, there was a snake in my back yard, there is a snake living in the wall in my back yard, 

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